Understanding The Knowledge Of Good And Evil

18 Jun

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” reads Hebrews 11:1 suggesting blind believing is eating from “The Knowledge Of Good And Evil.”

Food For Thought

Do Christians wonder why god told Moses (Exodus 3:14) to say to the children of Israel I AM THAT I AM – probably spelled YEHUVEH – sent him? After 400 years of living in Khemet they later called Egypt, meaning “place of bondage,” ISIS is the name of god they would recognize because it means the same thing. Those names suggest god is the founder and producer of all things, that from god came everything, unto god all things returns and god do everything ever done as Isaiah 45:7 explains in the present tense.

Yoshua called Jesus said a single tree does not produce “Good and Bad fruit” so one tree  has to produce good and another evil for good and evil to have something everyone will call good or evil. Do we misunderstand he is saying the concept of having “a tree of good and evil” – not “the knowledge of…” – makes good nor evil to have a recognizable foundation and require one tree to be called good and another evil to produce them recognizable the same by everyone? Then why do we believe because Adam and Eve ate from “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” all man have fallen out of favor with god? Reason with me to see if the following doesn’t actually make more sense especially since Yoshua said most of our judgments have no substance to support them.

Understand also, “man” means “minds able to comprehend all things” and is the same as god is why Yoshua often called himself interchangeably “son of man” and “son of god” when talking about his father. God is what both boys and girls will become once we complete our learning process extending far beyond earth. “Woman,” on the other hand, means “woven from man” saying they are “minds unable to comprehend all things because of being incomplete.”

The Understanding

Many of us have probably read “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” a knowledge without substance and evidence proving it as a fact. Yes, that is knowledge saying that a golden haired man went into the home of a bear family and tested the things belonging to each of them. What was found among papa bear’s things were uncomfortable for Goldilocks in one way, what belonged to mama bear was uncomfortable to her in the opposite way and what was the baby bear’s was just right and she used them up and she was found asleep in its bed when they returned. That it is a metaphor so what does it mean?

We know locks means hair, golden hair originated among Europeans and using the Bible’s Adam and Eve story to represent the beginning of civilization it means it’s beginning was in the east. That and the knowledge that this civilization is a patriotic society would suggest Asians are papa bear and father of civilization the gold hair Europeans have yet to conquer or control, mama bear would then be the Natives of the Americas who were, so to speak, so soft Europeans almost caused their extinction and makes baby bear be Africa Natives who were just right and have been exploited by Goldilocks ever since. Without a meaning people would not call it scripture inspired by god, understanding that interpretation some would say that’s a god inspired prophetic scripture but because it wasn’t interpreted we call it a “child’s fable.” That is why some reasoning people accept the Bible as a “fairy tail” rather than “a sacred writing” called scripture, it makes no sense without being interpreted since most religious leaders can’t because they are only regurgitating what they are told the Bible means.

To make sense of the Bible’s “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” in a sacred writing we must find a logical explanation and that can only be done by analyzing Genesis 1-3 recognizing what is and is not said. The following is how I did it.

On day six both genders of man were made with the ability to exceed all other life and the earth (dominion’s original definition) and told to replenish the earth while eating a raw diet – fire wasn’t provided then – from every seed producing plant with its seeds producing the plant, in literal terms, berries, grains, fruit, nuts and vegetation. The seventh day was a day god rested from his work before talking about the beginning of the “generation of the heavens and earth” (2:4-5) without rainfall or plants although plants were produced on the third day (1:9-13). In that setting god produced a single man from the dust of earth, then plants a garden and placed that man in it with fruit trees of many types, including “the tree of life” and “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” in it’s midst or mingled among them, eatable for him. However, 2:17 suggests he should not eat from “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” to avoid death.

God then produced birds and animals from the earth for naming although they were produced prior to chapter 1’s man on days 5 & 6. Naming animated life caused me to believe while witnessing them living in groups and reproducing Adam desired the same. I believe it caused god to reason with himself “it is not good for man to live alone” and decided to make him a “help meet” or equal to accommodate that desire.

God then preforms an operation without telling Adam about it but caused man to enter a deep sleep, yet., upon awakening to the presence Adam knew it had come out of man. That mean the operation was dreamed and not, as we usually believe, actual. Adam’s statement of “this is now bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was [woven] out of man” is an error of the narrative’s fact but is assumed by many people although it means Adam renamed the two of them and everyone born to them woman (Rev. 12:1-2). This is known by verse 24’s reading, “therefore shall a man” (meaning “to become man again” and why I omitted the uses of “his” and replaced them and the word wife) “leave [their] father and mother, and shall cleave to [their spouse]: and the two shall be[come] one [in their] flesh.” We are taught, “girls don’t do boys things and boys don’t do girls things” which is supposed to keep girls from developing their masculinity and boys from developing their femininity making the statement mean both genders “becomes a whole man” by leaving parental teaching and developing both gender attributes in themselves. That’s what happens when woman are “born again” (John 3:3-8), that metamorphosis eliminates the lust of opposite attractions called love – those internal natures, one representing femininity and the other masculinity, do not always relate to the body’s design which is why homosexuality exists – by returning both to each gender. That’s seen because they did not discarnate called die as soon as they ate “the knowledge of good and evil.”

Since it is written “it is appointed unto man once to die and after that the judgment” death is the elimination of man’s wholeness to become woman including everyone killed in the great flood, Noah’s family represents man or “sons of god” (Genesis 6:2). That means “the judgment” is woman’s metamorphosing back into man to enter everlasting life – eating from the “tree of knowledge…” was a metamorphosis. Thus, what is generally called “death” is discarnating or shedding one’s body and personality in preparation to take on another body’s personality. “New Birth” Metamorphosing brings to our remembrance our many previous incarnations (John 14:16 & 26).

The reason tree was used in “the knowledge of good and evil” metaphor is trees produce more fruit each succeeding season making the metaphor mean that as woman’s knowledge increased more “judgmental adjectives” would be developed. Chapter three does not tell us what happened, so let us reason with that.

Written is “be wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove” making the serpent a wise man instructing the girl how to recognize opposites. Objectively recognizing opposites would have been eating from “the tree of life” leading to seeking their purposes. Instead, Eve made differences in the opposites based on sense perceptions and judged them producing “the tree of judgmental adjectives” such as good/evil, right/wrong, pretty/ugly, god/devil, angels/demons, love/hate and many others. Thus, like “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” we have “knowledge of good and evil” without concrete evidences supporting its existence. From “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” all woman continue to eat from today.


Woman are what most people are today with the genders being boys [sperm producers of woman or man] and girls [egg producers of man or woman] but only after puberty because sexual activity should not be other than for reproduction and children don’t. Man are what woman become after being “born again” and “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” is a metaphor explaining how as woman increased in knowledge they would judge more and more things good and evil. It was designed to cause woman to become mentally dead [unable to comprehend all things] and enter a state of pride leading to their own destruction to fulfill the prophecies explaining this material half of man’s earthly cycle (Genesis 1:14 & Ecclesiastes 1:9), Revelation 21 gives us a glimpse into the spiritual half.


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